Tight Dock Landing at Mackinac Island!

During a lunch break from work, we took the boat a short way over to Mackinaw Island for one night. We had scored a much coveted slip in this popular harbor… albeit a tight fit for Shellerina! Watch the video:

Slips here need to be reserved weeks in advance.

Mackinaw Island, like Put In Bay, is definitely one of the top 2 or 3 tourist “hot spots” of the Great Lakes, and we got to experience them both … by boat!

No mechanical vehicles are allowed on this island. So horse-driven taxis, trolleys … and bicycles rule the island. (No electric bikes or scooters here).

Early this morning, I did see a fork lift truck on a ferry unloading provisions to feed all these people, but technically it wasn’t actually on the island! It was only on the Star Line Ferry itself!

Shelly wanted chowder! So, we had an elegant dinner at the 1852 Grill Room at The Island House last evening. The only menu on the island where chowder could be found!

Here is a view of the harbor after dinner with the arrow pointing to our boat.

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