“The people you meet on the dock…”

There are countless people we would like to tell you about. The people we meet on the dock are fantastic, most everywhere.

But tonight we’ll keep it to two groups.

First, there are two couples from the Grant MI area who love boating, Brad & Brenda and Laura & Herb.

They also really love Mackinac Island. But when they went to Air B’n’B to find a place to stay, they found an option that matched up with their budget and sense of adventure!

They rented a boat, (complete with captain) who will take them out to this island, provide them with a slip, power, water, and leave them alone on his boat for two or three days. They can cook their own meals, or go out to eat, what ever they want… all for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room!

When the marina required that the boat be moved, the captain came back out to the island and moved the boat for them to the newly assigned slip. No problem.

They also found a forge / blacksmith on the island where they could design and make their own knives! This one was made from an old railroad spike.


Tonight’s ‘Group Two’ involves a 50+ foot ketch, Retriever, owned by the local Boy Scout ‘Michigan Crossroads Council.’

I talked at length this evening with two scouts, Jackson and Harold, who were stoked at their day on the water. After several days with nearly zero wind they finally got to do some real sailing! They were both very impressed at how fast this boat could go… if and when the wind shows up!!!

Jackson and Harold are two of a DOZEN scouts from Troop 1022 (Bloomfield Hills MI) who signed up for a one week sailing adventure aboard S/V Retriever. The boat has enough bunks for 15 or 16, (all occupied this week,) as there needs to be room for a licensed USCG Master (50 tons with Sailing Endorsement) AND certified adult scout leaders to accompany the 12 or 13 scouts.

Both the BSA and USCG have long lists of safety regulations for a vessel/program such as this. I commend the many volunteers and the local council for managing all this, and making a program like this even possible.

Writing from my own personal experience, the adult leaders get just as much of a thrill and education as the youth do in a Scouting program like this one.

None of us know of any other local BSA Council in this country who has a sailing yacht and and program like this.

… people you meet on the dock! That’s just tonight’s edition!

One thought on ““The people you meet on the dock…”

  1. It was great having you as neighbors this past few days at Mackinac Island. Glad you made it to Beaver Island through the choppy water.
    Great blog. Safe travels.


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