Mid season Stats

52 Times the boat has left the slip, or gotten underway from a visited port.

39 Times we have spent time aboard without leaving the dock.

53 nights slept overnight either at our slip, on the hook, or in a visited port.

74 Hours, 3 minutes underway as measured by our GPS, “Moving Hours”. (We turn the GPS off at anchor so it does not count swinging as “Moving Hours”).

580 statute miles so far this season.

Our paper logbook is over 50% used up as seen above. We’ll have to conserve paper for the next few months.

Today’s Agenda

10:00 Egg bacon cheese on English

11:00 Swim

12:00 Bloody Mary

1:00pm move to Cedar Beach

3:00pm “together time” down below.

4:00m swim

5:00pm gourmet burger

7:30pm secured at S-Dock.

Tough ol’ Life

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