Awake on the hook!

The wind shifted 180 degrees overnight, so our bow is now facing NNE. The anchor evidently made the adjustment without a problem.

I love waking up early on the hook!

It is the most beautiful time of the day on the ocean.

There is another boat, similar to ours, anchored on the other side of the Lindenhurst Cut. I’d like to meet the owners, as there are not many people like us who appreciate staying out on the hook with no shore power, no A/C, no luxuries of being at the dock with facilities close at hand.

The wind is steady at around 10mph, and as you can see in the picture above, we are not in a protected cove or anything. So we feel the effects, even though 10 mph is relatively mild.

The temp is a pleasant 62F; the recent heat wave has broken.

The 12volt fan and inverter/refrigerator were running all night, yet the house battery, new this season, is still showing a solid 12 volts. Nice to see that.

9:00am Update

Shelly is awake; I made her some tea. Wind has picked up a bit, but we are OK here. She is now cooking some eggs.

We are finalizing plans with Nick and Mary for the MarineMax BBQ tonight.

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