“The Town” at Block Island 

Took a taxi from the Basin to town.   Very nice classic Victorian New Englandish down town.    We stopped at Mohegan Cafe for some locally brewed refreshment.   Here is my Admiral and our view out the window!

The main drag, Water Street, has a plethora of businesses on one side, and Old Harbor on the opposite side, a man-made harbor formed by a couple of jeddies that have been there since the 1800s.     The ferries from New London and Montauk have their terminal in Old Harbor as shown below.  

Here is another view of the business side of Water Street.  If you are lucky and walk around town long enough you might find a place selling Block Island T-shirts.  

This statue of the Biblical figure Rebecca-at-the-Well was put in place in 1896 by the local Woman’s Christian Temperance Movement, which hoped to curb the consumption of alcohol on Block Island. I think most would say, that was a failed initiative! <grin>

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