Day Seven – destination Block Island

The clear sea water afforded us the ability to check the prop before pushing off for Block.  

8:30 Pushed off at Greenport

8:45 Long Beach Point Lighthouse.  Calm. 

9:10 leaving green gong “1GI” off Gardner’s Island.   “We are going for it.”

9:45 first visible sign of Block Is.  West wind going with us.  The tops of the waves are just curling over, 15 MPH.   Bumpier than we’d like on plane; 19 MPH is the optimum speed, but it is a lot of work throttling up and down constantly to stay in that sweet spot, 18-20mph.    Too fast and we start pounding the sea, too little and we come off plane.  

10:00 Montauk is now abaft our starboard beam.   13.5 miles to go.  Shelly steered until the 7.5 miles to go mark giving me a break.    When I took over, the wind was picking up, making things that much more bumpy, but manageable for the short distance remaining.   

11:00 entered the Harbor at Block Island.  

11:30 all secured after a challenging slip landing as the increasingly gusty wind complicated things.  “Jay” the dock hand was very helpful.   I lost a Maine Island Trails embroidered baseball hat overboard.   No other damage to report.   

Mostly sunny skies.   Soon it will be time to venture out and explore Block!

Taken from the infamous OAR restaurant.  Can you find the Shellerina?!

7:00 pm back at our boat from our trip into town.   Shelly decided it was time to open one of the special bottles of wine we recently got mailed to us after our Nappa Valley trip.  

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