Day Six of vaca – First Push off of this year’s vaca cruise!

We wanted to push off at 7:00am.   But we were simply too beat from the NYC trip to get up early.   We chalked up the great night of sleep as a good thing, and pushed off after breakfast at 8:50am.  

9:04 Passed beneath Robert Moses Causeway Bridge

9:21 Passed beneath Fire Island Bridge.    We decided on going outside, so we headed out Fire Island Inlet.  

10:00 break – across from Ocean Beach

11:00 break – across from Smith Point (furthest east we have ever been by boat)

11:30 We hit some floatsam, a 5″ thick waterlogged log about 6ft long.    Not a good sound to hear 1/2 mile out when up on plane doing 25 mph.   We stopped tested everything, turned around to get a pic of the object, then declared victory of our prop vs the log!   We then got underway again.   

Noon – Made Shinicock Inlet.  No Navigation Bouys !?!?  

Got fuel in Shinicock and proceeded through this canal with the gates open.   A ripping tidal current was against us.  But we made it through without too much grief.  

1:15 – once in Great Peconic Bay we dropped anchor to have lunch and decide on where to spend our first night of this cruise.    By 2:25 we were fed, our course was set in the GPS for our first trip across Great Peconic Bay.  Destination: Greenport!

3:15 – All secured at Slip C5, Mitchell Park Marina, cement floating docks with facilities and electric, all for $2 per foot plus extras.   Basically under $70 for the night with all the bene-s.   Lots of local establishments walking distance away to entice us for supper!     We steamed 87 miles today, and we are in great position to make Block Island tomorrow morning; weather is still looking great for that crossing.

They had this very accurate weather indicator hanging up at the marina.   Basically, you use the rope and knot hanging below the sign to determine the current conditions.  

We heard some great sound from a band playing very close by.   So, they earned our first visit!  PORT Waterfront Bar & Grill.  

Here is a sample of the sounds:


Also nearby our dock was Vinyl Night at Oyster Creek.  Locals bring in their favorite LP-s and a volunteer DJ spins them up.   Shared tables are the rule, as are locally produced pickles and other sides to have with one’s oysters.   There was one variety that were smoked, just a bit, to give an amazingly good flavor.  

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