May: Port 32 Ortega Landing, Jacksonville FL

We have booked the month of May in one of our favorite marinas which was home for 3 months last year. We’ll have our car, we’ll get all doctored up and dentisted, and enjoy the pool and hot tub. St John’s River is our hailing port, so this is as close to having a “home” as we’ve got! LOL

It’s a great place!

We’ll also get to go swimming at the YMCA pool in JAX.

We’ve got just under 300 miles to go in 20 days. Doable. We’ll have to leave a couple days early in late May to get north of the 32nd parallel for the hurricane season starting June 1. (NOAA does not allow hurricanes north of latitude 32°. So many yacht insurance policies call for policy holders to north of 32° from June 1 to November 1.

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