West Palm Beach SE – (Worth Lake)

We anchored in the SE corner of this area because the highly regarded area in between the two free docks was occupied by the West Palm Beach International boat show dockage.

The tidal currents were strong, and 2-3 sailboats broke loose and hit the bridge to the south of us. One dismasted.

Two of three sailboats that dragged anchor into the Royal Park (Rte 704) Bridge.

Because of the brisk North winds and the reciprocating tidal currents we were, at times , taking waves on our beam. This was too rolly to be comfortable. So, we deployed a stern anchor to the south to keep our bow into the wind as the tide current changed. That went rough, but we finally got it set the way we needed, and it was comfortable in all tidal cycles.

There are a LOT of big boats pirouetting around this harbor waiting for their turn to go into the Boat Show dockage. VHF-71 was very active with logistics getting boats into the show which starts on Thursday.

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