Road Trip!

I rented an SUV to drive to Ft Lauderdale FL to pick up a fourth 200w PV solar panel. – good pre-sales support and post-sale too. Thanks Marc & team.
When returning this rental, the Enterprise gal asked me if everything was OK. I told her there was a front end vibration that started at about 120 mph. But it went away at 125 mph. So, “No problem really.”

It WAS interesting going faster that 8 knots.
Renting a car was less expensive than paying for truck freight shipping. $60 for one day rental AGLCA discount at Enterprise + $8 Lyft ride to+from. Yes, Enterprise advertises that they will pick you up both ways… Best to not count on that in my experience. They are understaffed for that IMO… long wait times.

The drive to Ft Lauderdale: 3 hour drive each way with stops. I am not used to driving long distances any more. Brutal.

Rough draft about how the new panel will be mounted.

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