Dentist on the Dock!

Dr. Lunstrum came highly recommended by “Ken” the GM and dock master here at Cocoa Village Marina (FL) ICW mm 897.3

I cracked my #3 (first molar upper right) on Friday night, so that meant that our 1 night stay would extend to Monday at least. This dental practice is 50 feet from this marina! I learned that they are not “in network” for my dental insurance. But the reputation and close proximity is key when cruising. It’s like he is practicing dentistry right on my dock!

Dr Lunstrum of

They have the CAD/CAM technology on-prem to make their own crowns.

So, we are staying here a full week to have my crown done on Thursday. Gotta stay flexible if cruising.

ADDENDUM: At the dentist office to make the crown. Thursday March 9, 2023.

Click to see video.
The dentist fine tunes the computer generated 3-D model.

Click to see video.
The 3-D model is inspected all around before it is “built” by the CNC machine here in the office.
Finished 3-D model shown in a composite rendering in-place with the other teeth around it.
A block of Zirconia “material” before it is machined into a crown by the CNC machine in the background.
The block of Zirconia “material” before machining begins.
Click to see video.
Machining begins.
Click to see video.
Almost done… starting to look like a tooth.
Click to see video.
Machining is complete! It took about 25 minutes. From here the crown goes into a furnace where it changes into a ceramic/enamel hard material that gets cemented into my head.
Finished product, ready for 3M 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive! LOL

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