We’ve been reading up on the Bahamas… we have begun some of the legal processes to ensure we could go to the Bahamas AND make it legal to return to the United States when we’re done!

Gene is loaning us his chart books.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection has sent us this sticker so we have a chance to be able to be re-admitted into the USA if we decide to go “overseas!”
When a foreign vessel sails within a couple miles of a port like the Bahamas, it is often required to fly a solid yellow “Q” flag for “quarantine” which means the vessel has not cleared customs yet in that country. Only the captain is permitted to go ashore to get clearance for passengers and crew to obtain all the proper clearances.

We are learning a lot about the process, and are jumping through the hoops in case we decide to ‘go for it!’

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