Splash Day after a full month on the hard…

January 6 is famous for many things:

– Twelfth day of Christmas, aka “Little Christmas”

– The Epiphany

– 2nd anniversary of the attacks on the US Capital

But for Shelly and I, we’ll now remember it as Splash Day after being hauled out December 6, 2022 for a bottom job and some fiberglass repairs.

Being high and dry for a month can dry out the packing material in the “stuffing box” which is keeps most water from coming into the boat where the propeller shaft comes through. This seems to have happened to our boat, so there was a slow but steady stream of seawater coming in around the shaft.

The fix is simply to tighten the stuffing box so the material compresses a little tighter around the shaft. That’s what we did, and it worked! The next time we haul the boat out, we’ll have new packing material added in the stuffing box.

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