Returned to South Santee River anchorage…

We enjoyed the staff at Wacca Wachee Marina Thursday night, and transited to an anchorage we stayed at last spring. Three large sailboats had the same idea, two of which I scouted the depths thru a tight spot exiting Winyah Bay on the southbound ICW. It was low tide and they draw 6 and 6.5 feet. I was able to assure them they’d find a minimum of 8.6 feet there. Their electronics agreed as they braved that shallow spot. I neglected to take a photo of a strange floating swing bridge there. Maybe next spring. It is a hairy place to pass thru with current, so the camera does not always take priority.
Arrow points to strange floating swing bridge. Normally open… but a narrow opening.
“The Turn” on ICW at Winyah Bay.
The current changes with the tide in this river anchorage.
Underway Saturday morning… to Charleston SC. We’ll anchor on the far side of Elliot Cut, and time the tide thru that area!

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