112 statute miles this weekend…

After a five-day hiatus ashore on Skidaway Island and “The Landings” with friends Marlyse, Phil, and [hurricane] Nicole, we hit the “road” and put on over 112 miles.

7.5 hours today!

We are keeping our eyes peeled on the shoreline of Cumberland Island, where a few score of wild horses live.

We may come back by ferry if their tourist season is still open. The ferry at St Marys is a short drive from Jacksonville. Russ is driving our car down from Maine and he’ll meet us Tuesday at Lambs Yacht Center, our home for a month or so.

We still keep a logbook.
It looks like we still have enough 2022 logbook pages left for another seven weeks of adventures aboard Shellerina!
A look off our stern on a bumpy, windy night: the moon is rising in the east and the Cumberland Island “Sea Camp Dock” is fully illuminated. There are nine other boats anchored in here tonight. Most of us wishing we selected a more protected anchorage.
This also shows our relative position.
Even more anchored in here tonight (Monday night addendum). Lots of anchor lights off the bow and stern.
You may need to zoom in on this one.

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