A great choice in Belhaven NC: River Forest Marina

Let’s face it, there are a lot of good choices when coming through the Belhaven area on the ICW. This, our second time through, we hoped to stay at River Forest. We succeeded!

Lots of Looper’s excellent reviews and positive comments about this “Henry” character made this our first choice for our fall migration.

Henry Boyd, Shelly, Mike Dunn on the docks of River Forest Marina.

Owner Henry Boyd was competent and responsive at talking us in on VHF from R10 and calling us with his weather observations hours before our arrival. He and Mike were there to catch our lines and help us feel welcomed to their spot in this great port.

Shellerina appears in the background along with the first SUN these parts have seen in almost a week. Finally, (after some arm twisting), actual photographs of Henry Boyd and his crew are visible online!

Once we took one of their golf carts into town, Shelly met Teresa Van Staalduinen co-owner of the famed Spoon River restaurant. It was a Wednesday, which means the restaurant was closed for the day. But she and husband Mark are expanding into retail in this town. Shelly visited their Artworks & Market.

Teresa explained how much they LOVE Loopers, the two “girls” connected and Teresa proceeded to gift Shelly with a red wine she though we would like!

… all while I was getting more exciting stuff at the ACE Hardware store next store.

Then we went to Food Lion for other essentials which we figured out how to fit on the golf cart for the ride “home”. Guess what we found there in addition to food. A fly swatter! We’ve been trying to find one for months!

Once back at River Forest Marina, my brother Russ and his wife Kim pulled in, driving a small RV that they are delivering to Ft Lauderdale FL. We had arranged for this rendezvous weeks ago, and fine tuned the time and place a couple days ago.

Kim and Russell Sirois of Edgecomb Maine in Belhaven NC on their RV adventure!

Russ has “been there” for us on multiple occasions in the past 18 months! He helped us pack and released the “last line” when we first pushed off for our Loop in May 2021. He joined our crew for the overnight Gulf crossing months later to Tarpon Springs. It was great to have him and Kim aboard Shellerina again!
Great service and succulent seafood dishes were enjoyed at Fish Hooks Cafe, as Spoon River was enjoying their day off. Mike said the Tavern is good and, “You can’t miss with Fish Hooks.”

Belhaven and River Forest is certainly achieved “favorite” status in Shellerina’s log book and blog.

“Special Thanks” to Henry and Teresa! They both expressed their LOVE for Loopers. River Forest is an AGLCA Sponsor and gives a discount when he sees the AGLCA burgee!

A Shellerina Sunrise. Pic by Kim the next morning!

The RV Van framed up with Shellerina Thursday before both “vessels” depart their berths here at River Forest.

From this same spot we could take in a beautiful sunset last eve to the right, and now we are soaking up a sunrise from the same spot. This phenomenon won’t be possible during the summer months, but it should last from now till February 20th or so. ((Equinoxes plus 1 month on either end.))

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