While cruising around the eastern United States, on of the biggest challenges is, “Where do you take delivery of “stuff” you need from Amazon or many different vendors. Many times marinas, if you know when you are going to be there will accept packages for transient vessels.

But what if you don’t know exactly WHEN you will be there, or which marina you’ll be staying at? This happens a lot.

Occasionally we lean on a friend to help us out. We have “stuff” shipped to their home and then the bring it to us. That is exactly what we needed for a bunch of supplies to finish our solar project. Rich Holst, a long-time friend and customer agreed to help us out. And tonight we had Rich and his kids aboard for a tour, then we went out to dinner together here in Brielle NJ.

Rich and Alex get briefed on the navigation systems aboard Shellerina.
Sunset on the dock with Rich and daughter Alex and son Rich, and Shellerina in the background.
The Holst family on the fly bridge!
Rich and Alex at dinner with us!
Shelly and I waited a week in Lawrence NY for calm seas to make this open water passage across the Ambrose Shipping Channel into NYC. We saw lots of ship traffic today.

We left around sunrise to be able to dock near slack tide in the challenging port of Manasquan River NJ, very close to where Rich and his family live. Thanks you guys!!!

Our day begun underway at sunrise.
Above and below, dredging in the vicinity of Ambrose Channel.

The ship on the right looks like the one that got stuck in the Suez Canal months ago.

A great cruising day!

How’s this dock landing with 2K of opposing current?!

(Click to see video.)


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