Girls & Boys out on the town in Mystic…

Shelly & my cousin Joyce
The boys gettin’ their hair cut by Karen!
I could tell Bob has let Karen cut his hair a couple times before. I think Karen and Bob both use the same florist to adorn their places of business! Beautiful touch.
She exclaims, “Its my personal mission to keep the men in this town as good looking as I possibly can!“

Karen did great with these two guys today.

After our haircuts, Bob Helbig gave me a tour of ALL the boatyards in Mystic and Noank. “I gotta keep an eye on my competition.” Because of his new car, no one recognized us or who he was… so we got to go in everywhere! LOL.

We also got to meet Ron & Andrew (Bob’s sons) who are General Managers for these three boatyards. Nice wheels!

Where we stayed for 2 nights.
Shelly, Ray, Joyce Jauch, and Bob Helbig heading in for some dinner together.

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