Cuttyhunk Island MA

Lots of people insisted, “You gotta stop at Cuttyhunk Island!” “Cuttyhunk is my favorite place on the planet!”

We reserved a slip last night at Cuttyhunk Marina. We found fixed docks which Shelly was able to negotiate to get on and off the boat. We assumed (never ass-u-me) that we’d find at least one nice sit-down restaurant ashore, easy walk from the marina, NOT.

Our departure for Point Judith RI was on-time this a.m. but once we cleared this island there was a 4 foot swell hitting us nearly broadside. So we turned back and anchored in the outside harbor with several boats.

Nice sunny day on the hook. Some much-needed rain yesterday was gone.

This yawl passed close to our stern this eve so they could make it into this blog post before the sun set.
We are glad they did!

3 thoughts on “Cuttyhunk Island MA

  1. Curt thunk had a great restaurant (BYOB) until two 2 sisters that owned it for decades decided to retire. A local bought it and turned it into condos.
    However breakfast at the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club is great. Did you get something from the raw bar boat? Or another favorite is ordering cooked lobster on the dock as takeout. The historical society is also fascinating.
    But the best is just hanging out.

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