Back in Boothbay Harbor today…

We are fortunate to have front row seats to the festivities afloat tomorrow!

Our mooring ball for a couple days! It does not get better than this.

Shelly and Ray hanging out after work today on their sun deck.
Nearby moorings disabled by the Harbormaster to ensure room for the Windjammers tomorrow.


ATONs (USVG aids to navigation) coming into BBHbr.

Burnt Is Light is a single red flash every 6 seconds… unless you are properly in one of the the two major approaches, (from Cuckolds or Ram Island), in which case you’ll see this lighthouse’s light as bright white!

As it appears on the chart.

At night, buoy G9 shows a green light flashing every 4 seconds.

The ATON lights are all configured differently so you know which one you are looking at in the dark! I did a lot of night boating around here in my youth. Great fun.

Above, G9 as it appears on the chart.

There is one more important ATON in between these two that does not appear in the photo: R8 off the west side Tumbler Island. You gotta go around that too.

There are a bunch of “No Wake” buoys out here as well.
Above: Well, this pic shows that it’s now tomorrow! The Windjammers have arrived safely having followed all my instructions.
Above, Boothbay Harbor public landing. Site of Shelly and my first kiss and a few years later where she said, “Yes!” (There were fewer people on the dock for both of those memorable events, as I recall.)

Below a video of Peter, our dockmaster of the Tugboat Inn. We have Peter to thank for these front row seats today at one of his “TBI” marked moorings!

Video below too
Great revolutionary era music was played aboard this excursion boat today.
Above: in a crowded harbor this Windjammer captain confidently steers with his feet ultimately to make a dock landing at the public float.
One of my favorite shanties anywhere in the world. Chip Griffin and family. Sometimes the big mansions are not as impressive to me. My classmates enjoyed hanging in this place as seniors in high school. Classmate, Chesca is Chip’s sister. (I think!).


Above, David Jacques, Capt Josh Jacques’s dad with Shelly on the sunset deck. Thanks for your visit Dave!
It wouldn’t be Windjammer Days without fireworks.

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