Wiscasset Harbor this hour

This is a pic of what we see from the town dock in Wiscasset this hour. What do you see?

I’ll tell you what I see….

1. The nearly full moon is reflecting upon the ocean water. Isn’t that nice! ((Both my writing teachers and those of my son, Nick, instructed us to NEVER use the adjective “nice” as good writing should be more specific and descriptive. Tonight, I take license to use the prohibited word because there are things about this pic which are MUCH more interesting than the “nice” moonlight!

2. The boats in close to us are pointing in a different direction than those out further. One in the middle is “undecided”. Why?

3. The current of the flooding Sheepscot River is driving those boats to have their bows pointing into the current.

4. The current isn’t as strong in here, closer to shore. So the wind direction is more the influence. The boat in close points into the wind, and the other halfway in between, predictably, is half and half!

Isn’t it fun to see this kind of thing?!

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