Sand Dollar Cove – outer harbor, Manchester by the Sea (MA)

Kyle and Ida joined us for this Memorial Day in this sweet cove!

We found Donna and Tiger and crew (Sarah, Mark, Avery, Parker) and rafted up next to them. Tiger & Donna knows how to put out a spread as you can see below!

Sarah with her daughters and Dad on the swim platform of Good N You. 65F seawater on this Memorial Day. Air temps are in the low 80s ashore, but it is nice out here.
Back to Kyle & Ida!
Sarah with sleeping Avery.
Tiger, Donna, Mark (Sarah’s hubby) after the big buffet was cleaned up and put away.
Parker & Avery with Pepere and Memere.
Avery & Sarah
Parker & Mom!
This is Avery. This is the grand child who, on Friday, ran to get her lifejacket just as soon as she heard Pepere’s boat was launched for the season!
Here they are together! On that boat, WITH that life jacket on!


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