Great Misery Island

Un retouched color!

Video above. Shelly directs me through the fleet at Great Misery Island to find My Shadow at the head of the cove, with whom we rafted up. We had Nora and Pammy aboard. TJ had Shannon, Quinn, Matt, Emi, and Evi for his crew, plus the boat-savvy Ashley who catches the painter thrown by Shelly in the video.
Video above. Rafted up with TJ and family in the popular cove at Great Misery Island. Not many people pics here, Ray?! What’s up with that!? At least Shannon, Quinn, and TJ make the frame at the end of this video above.

Panoramic view
Look at how clear this ocean water is!!!
Video above. Nora and Pammy supervise our slip landing at the end of a fantastic day! It was so memorable having them aboard! They enjoyed themselves muchly!

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