Pride of Baltimore is in port this week.
The helm of the Pride of Baltimore with a sailboat running with her spinnaker up, and the twin spans of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge can also be made out in the distance.
You can rent a slip at the town docks, right in the thick of it all!
Sea Scouts were also in port tonight.
We figured we have eaten enough crab meat so far this week. So we tried this BBQ place. Excellent brisket!
This place had my favorite: Blue Point Toasted Lager on tap. I haven’t seen that since we left Long Island.
This is a monument to memorialize Alex Haley and his ancestor Kunta Kinte. Haley studied his family’s history and heritage all the way back to Africa. His book Roots was made into a famous mini-series. This is the port that Kunta Kinte was brought to by slave ships.

This type of “interactive touch” monument invites youngsters and adults alike to touch and interact with the objects in the exhibit. Not pictured here was a group of kids who we saw hugging and climbing on these statues. One young girl was even kissing one of the statues of kids her age!

The fundamental message here is “pass it on” … study and pass on your heritage to future generations as the figure of Alex Haley is doing here!

Feeling accomplished! Getting off and on this fixed dock at different tides was a feat for Shelly.

4 thoughts on “Annapolis

    • We are saving a visit to St Michaels for next fall. I have developed a little head cold. So may get a covid test. No fever. Have taste & smell. So should be fine. Might delay us a day.


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