Happy Holidays

The sun sets this hour to our stern. While a full moon prepares to come up on the horizon off our bow!

The timing of the first full moon after the spring equinox drives the annually variable dates for Passover and Easter each year.

Happy Holidays everyone. “This is a very special night.” … in many traditions.

Traveling to the freedom of The Promised Land both by day and by night under the full moon is at the root of this holy tradition.

My thoughts turn to our friends in Ukrane, some of whom I have personally done business with… one of whom studies with my nephew Adam in college in Maine. The quest for freedom is centuries old, and it is something to hold dear and protect for everyone everywhere.

The moon goes full for everyone everywhere on the planet. The tides respect this even on a cloudy night.

Time lapse moon rise video above – click to watch it.

One thought on “Happy Holidays

  1. Thank you for your simple but profound statement about the egalitarian moon and the community of humankind. Would that humans could show the same respect as the tides!

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