Crisfield tour by golf cart – Part 2

The local grocery, Food Lion, is accessible by golf cart or Uber.
Here our provisions are literally “tied” to the cart for travel, as there is no other way to secure the load.
More public infrastructure with the local symbol of pride.
Even the wind turbine carries the local trademark. (Ray is a big renewable energy fan.)
Reportedly, some ethic groups and cultures prefer female crabs, but male crab meat seems to be the market driver for most palates.
Lintons is not a restaurant, per se, but they do have plenty of picnic tables on which to sit and devour your catch. It is a bit more than a mile from the marina basin… Safely accessible by golf cart if you use the trail we found along side of the highway. The crab cakes sandwich was still warm when we got back to the boat!

Being mid-April, it is very early in the crab season. So, the cost per pound is higher than it will likely be in the summer. We were glad to find plenty of good crab in any case, as this is our boat’s first trip into Maryland and Chesapeake Bay waters. It’s what we came here for afterall!

Click above to see the video. The Crab Place is the local vendor whom you can call and order the local catch to be shipped most anywhere.
If Male v. Female crabs are such a big deal, how can you tell the difference?!

More about the Maryland Blue Crab:

This “gauge” tool is used to ensure one’s shellfish harvest is of legal size.

Different lengths apply to different species and even gender.

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