Chesapeake Boat Basin in Kilmarnock VA has diesel for $4/gallon as seen in Waterway Guide. But you need to add 5.3% sales tax, making it $4.21.

Aim for the new aluminum transient docks being built to the left, then take a sharp right in behind the other docks and boats.
Pull in as far as you can; the diesel hose just barely reached both sides for us to top off. You won’t see the large fuel flags until the last minute. Despite appearances, there really is only room for one boat at a time in here at the fuel dock.
(Gasoline was $5.39)

It’s all self-service here. No help with lines. Use this paging device to coordinate power “on” to pumps. (I found it helps if you read the instructions!). LOL

Next stop?

We cross the Bay to Crisfield MD. Somers Cove Marina for 2 nights. We hear that town might serve up some crabs and oysters rather close to that marina. Also taking delivery of some Rx and Amazon “stuff”… the local stores will also get their share, to be sure! LOL


Here is more information about this marina and what they have coming.

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