Dowry Creek Marina – ICW mm 133

Video above.
Highly reputed place… but we are finding no protection from a SW breeze 16-22mph. … Sometimes the village may be the better option?.

I just drove into metropolitan Belhaven. The docks there are pretty exposed too. I had a couple of mid-day conference calls today. So before getting to Dowery Creek Marina, we anchored in Slade Creek, east side of Pungo River just before Belhaven.
That would be a fine anchorage if you needed to find a well- protected spot if you happened upon this neighborhood in a big blow.
The blue dot shows our position, which was actually part of a NOAA tornado watch area today. As you can see, all of the nasties passed north of us.

Pool opens May 1.

Not many marinas sport a Mercedes among their courtesy car fleet!
By sun set, the wind calmed; by 9:00pm the flag is barely moving! A good night sleep!

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