“Grace Harbor Marina” at River Dunes

Nice Place. Outstanding. ICW mm 173

Very well protected harbor.

Shellerina in her berth.
Did I mention this is a very well-protected port?!?!
Cape Hatteras, New Bern, Beaufort / Morehead City NC are all in the vicinity. Next stop north on the ICW is likely Belhaven NC on the way to Albermarle Sound.

Attention to detail even in the hand-laid stone work.
The woodworking craftsmanship on this angle on the docks is remarkable IMO.
Listen for it. Everything whispers “Quality!”

The rest of the property is similarly very impressive.

Click to see the video above.
Fire pits!
Two on-prem restaurants, and a great clubhouse to hang out in.

I may have neglected to mention a hot tub open 12 months a year, kept at over 100F. It’s fun to have someone to share it with.

Plus a courtesy vehicle… all for $2.25/ft/night. Worth treating yourself especially if there is some nasty weather coming through. Like tonight for us.

River Dunes is a home owner’s development community, whose marina has fuel and transient slips.

8 miles away…

The village of Oriental… a commercial shrimping port with a hardware store and more!

The local grocer will come pick you up and bring you back. No big box stores in this port. No chains like McDonalds, etc. But we found everything on our list.
This dandy store has everything from marine supplies and outboard motors to greeting cards and jewelry. They have foul weather gear. How about a used marine consignment aisle?! They have 3 or 4 aisles of used marine equipment! I have never seen anything quite like it! (Even in rural Maine)
M&Ms Cafe
Open for lunch and dinner. Another Looper told us their brunch is great also.
This special was great!

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