The galley, once again, the focus of improvements!

A shelf has been fashioned to hold our new air frier-toaster oven! Designed to survive tossing seas, and not loose any precious counter space. Note the LED lighting beneath the new shelf!

Are you interested in duplicating this on your Mainship 390?

If so, here are a few more details that may help.

The 12vDC circuit that supplies power to the light above the STOVE comes down to that light from the cabinet that typically had a coffee maker in it. We removed the coffee maker months ago so our ability to tap into that 12 vDC circuit was easy. Feeding a wire down, out-of-sight, to under the new shelf was easily accomplished. It can be seen next to the hinge bracket, above.

The toaster oven / air frier is a Ninja SP301 – 13-in-1. We got it from Amazon.

One of the two LED strips in this package was used for the lighting beneath the shelf. SeaVolt is a West Marine brand. A pair of these are also self adhered to s/s tubing upstairs in the fly bridge to illuminate that “room” when needed. A great space to entertain for dock tails or meals.

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