Okeechobee Waterway (part four!)

Beautiful eh?!

Tonight we are tied up at the fuel dock at Indiantown Marina on the St Lucie Canal that goes from eastern Lake Okeechobee to the Atlantic Ocean. On Saturdays and Sundays the staff here goes home at noon. (Good for them.)

So we were unable to get a confirmed dockage reservation or anything on VHF or telephone. The reviews of this place say the staff is “easy going”.

We are banking that the fuel dock manager will greet us early in the morning with his coffee and a greeting like, “Diesel or Gas?” vs. “Get the hell off my fuel dock!”

We, of course, will answer either greeting with, “We’d like to fill up with some diesel PLEASE!”

Why is this Okeechobee “part four” ?

Well, for all our followers on this blog, you must know that we frequently go back and make addendums to our posts. If you already saw the Okeechobee post a couple days ago, but have not revisited it, you really gotta know we edit our posts for DAYS after the fact. Go back to see earlier posts you liked because there are highly likely to be significant updates to them.

Everything new does not deserve a new post, so I add content to “old” posts a LOT!


Sunday Addendum

No drama on the fuel dock this mornin’. They are waiting for a replacement circuit breaker for the pumps’ circuit. So, there is no fuel either.

This also means they won’t shoo us off the fuel dock first thing this morning. So Shelly will do some laundry, and I have a project of my own to dive into.

Walking around this place, it seems like this would be a perfect HOME port!

We missed a big party all week long last week for Thanksgiving.

Quite an operation.

They dry store LOTS of “snow bird” boats here, and they are a famous “hurricane hole.”

Unfortunately, Deb (the office manager) explained, they dry-store more boats than they can accommodate in the water. So, customers cannot stay here long once launched.

We feel very lucky to have scored a place to tie up here for TWO nights!

Deb has worked here for 15 years, and most of the crew has been here longer than that!

This has been a great stop for us.

Nice to have two anchors on the bow!

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