Giving Thanks Today

My first thought for today’s blog post was to simply list all the things that Shelly and I are feeling grateful for.

Then I realized it would be a post that would go on for ever…

So instead, on this holiday, I’ll contrast two of my time lapse videos, both are entitled, “Preparing for work”. The first, my commute on January 28, 2020. The second shows my Internet antennas in the foreground enabling my new way to get to work about 8 months later!

In both, I am preparing for work, and both finish with me at my place of work!

Truly lots to be thankful for!

Shelly has half a turkey going into the T-fal pressure cooker later today with her Dad’s secret stuffing recipe.

Amazing what a small 3-burner galley stove can produce when combined with the right combination of tools ‘n’ talent!

3 thoughts on “Giving Thanks Today

  1. I really enjoyed your commuter “compare and contrast” video’s…also following your trip (same boat as yours).


    Keith and Ali


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