Marina Jack – Sarasota

Any of us who have studied Gulf cruising guides, the AGLCA resources, or rendezvous presentations have heard of Marina Jack Yacht Basin. It is a top niche downtown marina property with cement floating docks, three restaurants on-site and countless others in-town walking distance away. “Save your pennies for a night here.” It’s a one-day trip from Clearwater or possibly Tarpon Springs with an earlier start.

If all that is not enough for you, they have pump out at the slip!!! (How’s that for a differentiator?! LOL)

You can do it yourself


have the Service Department have a go at it.

We had been having some “anomalies” with the corresponding system on Shellerina. (I’ll spare you the details.)

Among other things, we really needed a good multiple flushing of our “black” tank. This is the kind of project one might not want to impose on busy fuel dock attendants on the weekend, or anytime frankly.

The marina staff was very accommodating to my desire to have multiple “DIY” flush ‘n’ pumps right from the slip.

Now, you would think the transient boat tied right next to us would not be “impressed” with this type of project going on at coffee time, first thing in the morning.

On the contrary, Jim and his wife of the express cruiser next to us said, “We want to do the same!”

We helped each other with the opening and closing of valves at the dock as we got our “black” tanks back to good-as-new!

It’s a beautiful thing.

A marina with pump out is “occasionally” hard to find. One with the ability to do it from your own slip, remarkable!!!

BTW, one more thing:

The seafood chowder at the large outside bar & restaurant here was the best. Soft Shell crab, not bad either! I’m sure this place wants to be known for more than what most impressed us! <grin> The restaurant service was fantastic at lunch today. (We made our own dinner!)

BTW: If you have an above-average sized Looper boat, come here to be humbled.

There will always be someone with a larger boat!”

((I’ll add this for us all to contemplate: those big boys all need to pump out too!))


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