Great day to cross Tampa Bay today!

“The Bulkhead” (southern Tampa Bay GIWW) suggested by Navionics AutoRoute looked a bit nerve wracking to me. So, Shelly double-checked the Notice to Mariners, then we took it very slowly, and ultimately passed without a problem.

Roughly where the crosshairs are.

Shelly is a big Tom Brady fan, so we flew our colors for the trip across Tampa Bay. We did not see Tom out on his boat today. Shelly says he’s got a game to prepare for tomorrow (Monday) night.

Sarasota by the water. We made Marina Jack’s easily by sunset. (49.6nm, 7 hours). We met some Looper-wanna-bees.

The Crab Pots page was updated with some new color combinations.

2 thoughts on “Great day to cross Tampa Bay today!

  1. Hi Ray & Shelly, This is Harry Verby, I’m a good friend of Steve Romano’s. We actually met from a distance in Block Island sound when you had picked the boat up from Rhode Island, I was heading to Block at the time and we crossed paths. I’ve been enjoying all the posts and following your trip since around Cleveland. You’re in a great spot at Marina Jacks. I’ve been there a few times (my sister lives a few blocks away). Keep doing a great job with the posts and have a safe rest of your journey. HArry


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