What do you use to clean fenders?

Now that we cleared the Coffeeville Lock, it was time to clean our fenders!

Gotta love how white fenders attract all kinds of dirt. (That’s a different subject).

The top step was “stuff” we had aboard that we found worked. The bottom step, not so much.

I started off using the harsher chemicals, then Shelly finished things off with the SprayNine. Regular “Boat Soap” also got “lower step” ranking tonight.

I wish we took ‘before and after’ pics!

Of course now might be a good time to buy new fenders too. I am SOOoo glad we didn’t buy new fenders for our Loop. The old ones worked just fine.

I’m especially excited to return to the protocol of pulling fenders in when underway. It pained me to leave them out for so much of the past six months! Friends from home commented: “Ray you are still hanging your dirty laundry!”

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