Night Time

Here is what we could see coming into our anchorage tonight. Notice the iPad in the lower left showing what our Wyze CAM v3 can see. Below is a screen shot from that iPad!

Look at how much more we can see with the Wyze CAM v3 and an iPad!

OK… nuff night cam action. Let’s talk STARS!

We used to live in Maine. It has been many years since we have been able to see this many stars! There is so much residual light pollution in built-up areas like Long Island NY. We have missed seeing this many stars that we used to marvel at afloat in Maine at night.

I pointed one of our cameras at the night sky. Here you can clearly see Jupiter! and Saturn!

Unfortunately, I was initially disoriented as I could not see my friend, the Big Dipper. It was way too low in this Mississippi sky this hour… and hidden by the trees.

I am going out again now as the moon is rising soon, which will curtail our star gazing.

A big Moon comes up at 9:30pm.

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