Green Turtle Bay

Stay tuned to this developing blog post about Green Turtle Bay and the village of Great Rivers KY.

Great docktails session last evening, thanks to Diane Parrish for organizing it! Everyone finally learned where Radian Journey got her name! (Ray-Diane Journey!)

We went round robin and heard from loopers who were just days away from crossing their wake!!!

We heard from (2) loopers who were just about to start!

For example Green Eyes (Orin and Sherry Riddell’s) was delivered by truck to this marina on Sunday, and is promised to be in the water Friday so that they can begin their Platinum Loop. They are looking forward to the great anchorages of the LBL, the “Land Between the Lakes” just south of here.

Another (different boat) just launched early Monday. (Names to be filled in soon!) Reportedly, their first passage of their Loop (0.05 nm) from the travel lift to their slip here went smoothly without incident! “Any boating day where you don’t need to call for a tow is a good boating day!”

Just three weeks ago, Larissa Parker of Knot Fantasea started her new loop!

Rick and Christi (below) of Inked Mermaid were among the many Loopers who rekindled friendships with us and others at this docktails session.

This resort marina sports multiple restaurants on-site, two swimming pools, one indoors… part of a full service spa (which Shelly and I plan to try out tomorrow!)

Mac and Deb of Janthena signed out one of the marina’s courtesy vans, and we all went shopping and had dinner last night.

Ray Parrish tells me there are a bunch of new arrivals exiting the lock… arriving here soon!

Shelly’s new favorite refresher. Even though we are in Kentucky, this comes from Scotland.

Ray, Mac, and Deb resorted to the more local Kentucky Straight Boubon: Basil Hayden’s last eve on the fly bridge, after we got back from dinner. Thanks Eric! For the introduction to Basil Hayden’s.

Wednesday Addendum:

Loopers were crossing paths all over the venues of this resort this evening.

Too much to account for. All we can report is that we enjoyed a cocktail with Bryan & Marcy Holmes of Elenor Grace and Bob & Diane Hansen of Soulmate at the yacht club before shuttling over to the Thirsty Turtle pub to meet up with Brenda & Dave Merchberger of Slo Pace for some grub. Earlier today they gave us the nickel tour of their Mainship 400. (It is the bigger brother to our Mainship 390.)

Tomorrow an electronics tour of Shellerina is planned as Dave – KN4VS and Ray – N1RY are both Amateur Extra licensees and RF technology enthusiasts. Brenda – KD4SRO is also a Ham Radio operator.



Change of subject: We give the spa (Jade & Earth) two thumbs up! Shelly: “Rejuvenating!”



Mainship 400 -s outnumbering Mainship 390 -s ?!?!

This doesn’t happen often! We are surrounded by Mainship 400’s:

Slo Pace – Brenda & Dave

Betty Gail – Chris & Roger

Imagine – Judi & Jerry

  • The 390’s usually outnumber 400’s in every venue. But not here, and not tonight.
  • The crews of Betty Gail and Imagine at breakfast with Ray on Sunday. We let Shelly sleep in, and brought her something back. Everyone at this busy little breakfast and lunch spot called Dockers looked happy with what what was brought out to them!
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