Kaskaskia L&D

The Kaskaskia Lock and Dam (mile 117.5 … easy to miss on left descending bank) is a popular 2nd night’s stop after Hoppies, south of Alton/Grafton/St Louis. Plenty of water, and from the looks of it, this should be a good anchorage as well. ((You don’t have to go through this lock, you simply tie up and peel off this ‘free wall’ in the a.m.))

Get permission from Lockmaster on VHF-14. Set up your fenders to port, keep to the right, to tie up on the non-lock side of this wall.

Most will be tempted to tie up to the nice hand railings. But don’t! Loopers have been asked not to. Figure out how to use the available cleats.

Late-in-day Addendum:

Full House here; looking South:

My Way a Tiara with Dave and daughter, Shelly.

War Eagle a Mainship 34 with talented photographer, DeeDee and husband Jon Hinson.

Last Laugh a Mainship Pilot with Mike & Ginny Smith

Irrational Exuberance a Mainship 390 with Lauren & Lisa Steen

Sakedo a Monk 36 with Captain Kurt & Mary Eylands.

Shellerina a Mainship 390 with Shelly and Ray Sirois

KnotSoFast a de-masted sailboat rig with Graham Mowry and friend/crew “Larry”. As pictured at the top of this post, these guys arrived just ahead of us today and then helped us with our lines (Thanks guys!).

K-Bear a 50 footer late arrival who had to anchor out.

So 7+1 here tonight (wall+anchor).

FYI, there is not enough water depth on the wall for Loopers north of the last piling. So, we recommend anchoring or rafting up if the wall is full in this popular spot. If 50-foot K-Bear can anchor out, most of us can too.

There is no shore power or city water here, but “What do you want for nothin’ … your money back?!” <wink>

A great secure & protected place in a section of the loop where these characteristics are very hard to find.


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