Uber Dinghy by Islena

Anchored together at mile marker 86 (Bar Is, Illinois River) “Mimi” called at 3:00 inviting us to docktails aboard Islena, a power cat 40 by Endevour. We arranged for an Uber dinghy pick up at 4:00pm. Captn Mike was prompt. Janthina’s crew was also to join us. These three boats had shared more than one anchorage together without any ceremonious meet & card exchange. So Mimi knew it was time to fix that!

Below, Shelly and Ray of Shellerina, Deb & Mac of Janthina, Mike and Mimi of Islena assemble aboard Islena for the end of a successful cruising day. Janthinia & Shellerina as seen from our host vessel at the golden hour … before Uber-ing back.

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