Log-a-diles! Hazards on The Loop

When trying to take off from our anchorage in behind Bar Island, we found our anchor was snagged very badly on an old sunken waterlogged tree! The tree was about 20 feet long, and its root ball was intact. There was actually a second log as well, which we were able to clear ourselves. But the larger was only cleared with the assistance of Mike Worsley of Islena and his outboard-equipped dinghy.

The whole ordeal held both boats up for an hour. Fortunately, that delay did not cost us additional delays at the LaGrange Lock just 6 miles downstream. Steaming down to that lock, another submerged log hit our running gear even though we had 12 feet of water beneath us inside the marked channel. Thank goodness there was no evidence of damage or vibration!

Other Loopers that day were not so fortunate; Knot Fast detected a bad vibration after a similar “hit” below the lock and had to shut one engine down. Fortunately, she is a twin screw, and was able to make Port Charles under her own power later that day.

Knot Fast status Sat 9/18:

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