Shellerina before she entered this port’s very large breakwater… north entrance shown below.

In Chicago we stayed at DuSable Harbor Marina, right near everything!

The lakeside walkway next to where we tied up was a popular walking, biking, and jogging route. To the north it joined the riverwalk west along the Chicago River. I’ve been to Chicago many times, but never saw these parts!

This is the lowest bridge we need to go under when we leave. The DuSable bridge at Michigan Ave.

So, who was this harbor and bridge named after?

The founder of Chicago: Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable.

This bust of him, and this plaque is placed near the bridge bearing his name.

Also in that neighborhood…

Wrigley Building


Then, Wednesday night we met up with friends Zach Lavoie and GF Hannah for a nice dinner up on the fly bridge. Here are the four of us with Shellerina in the background. Thanks to Michelle, a passer-by for taking the gr8 pic. (She was a cool chick with obvious talent.)The fireworks were a nice touch which we added for our dinner guests!

Zack and Ray on the fly bridge in front of the Chicago skyline.

There are lots of flowers all over this town.

The Architectural Boat Tour is THE thing that everyone rants and raves about. So, of course, we did that too.

We enjoyed Chicago very much!

We push off tomorrow.


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