A new port, a new day

Arriving Waukegan IL Friday August 27, 2021 11:00am for an afternoon full of business calls!

Saturday August 28, 2021

Waukegan is the Potawatomie word for “fort” or “trading post”. Formerly it was known as Little Fort, IL. In 1949, the residents renamed their growing city to this more respectable and interesting name!

It is the county seat for Lake County IL, and is the 5th largest city on this western shore of Lake Michigan.

This marina is huge, clean, and run by F3. They do not have discounts for Loopers [yet] like other F3 run marinas do!? (What’s up with that?!) But GM Joe Seidelmann did give Shelly a golf cart shuttle ride back to the dock last night after an impressive hospitality BBQ nearby to the marina. The vent with live music, free BBQ food, and a couple of complementary cocktails were timed perfectly for our OUR stay at this great marina. Thank You Joe!!! (Shelly uses a cane, so he spared her the long walk back to the marina.) At least 100 people showed up to this hospitality event.

I am NOT a fan of Dockwa, which they use here at Waukegan. But on balance, this marina definitely get a thumbs up from us.

“Waukegan Harbor Marina is perfectly situated to cut the distance in half from the premium “must-stay” Reefpoint Marina in Racine to Chicago.”

If it were up to me, I would bundle “packages” for transients who are traversing Lake Michigan’s western side. Make it easy to make both of these F3-managed marinas a “no-brainer” for every cruiser’s itinerary!

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