What? Cruising back on Lake Erie?!?!

(Lots in this post: Maine trip, Dole-Anderson wedding, Shellerina’s Rock, Hurricane Henri, family and friends, and more!)

We went from Buffalo NY to Dunkirk NY back on June 20. So why is our Navionics showing our current position way back there between those ports … plus, Navionics shows us heading EAST?!?!

The SPEED over ground of 499.4 knots might be a good hint!

This was our Navionics position taken from from American Airlines flight #1540 Thursday.

We flew back to PWM and drove back to Harrison Maine for a long weekend and a wedding celebration for Britta and Jake!

Above, Maid of Honor, Sarah Klein, did a great job with her toast!

Below, mother of the bride, Tammy Anderson was a great hostess for this happy day!

Host and father of the bride, Ernie Anderson, with Stacey Worster of Worster’s Marine Center.

Sarah, Maid of Honor, with mother, Linda Klein at the reception.

Special thanks to my brother Russ Sirois for taking the two half days or more to deliver us a car for the weekend!

Thanks also to our hostess for the 3 nights! Linda Klein of http://www.hillsidecabins.us

Linda also brought me out to the famous Shellerina’s Rock for a swim, which is where we tied up countless times years ago.



A nice Sunday Brunch at Sea Squall restaurant fit the schedule before flying back to Chicago ORD.

Jeanne, Marty, and Lindsay Patrizi drove up from NH; locals Steve Sirois and Nicole Albert joined us and Kim Sirois shuttled husband Russ from Edgecomb so he could take our Prius back to into storage again!

A great family gathering squeezed into our long weekend.

From the plane, as we approached Chicago ORD, we could see our boat in Racine WI!

Once we finally arrived back at Reefpoint Marina in Racine, we found beautiful weather, all systems normal. Like any trip, it felt good to be back onboard our home!

No signs of Hurricane Henri here! Plus, Desiree, Nick, Bobby, and others back on Long Island report the storm was a non-damaging one for all of them!

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