Cheapest Diesel found on the dock this year!

Reefpoint Marina. Racine.

This is the best price we’ve paid for diesel fuel this year! (Even edging out Ess-Kay Yards).

This F3 managed, mega-marina in Racine WI also has a very generous dockage discount for Loopers! Need assistance? Ask Carrie Neubacker, the general manager! “She is great,” as we were told by other Loopers even weeks before getting here. We found this to be true! She IS helpful, hospitable especially to Loopers, and on top of her game.

The large dock “field” includes two shower and rest room facilities out amidst the dock network.

They are investing lots to improve the WiFi network this year too.


We did our 200-hour engine oil change yesterday. Carrie informed me that this marina will dispose of our waste oil on-premises at no charge! You can’t beat that. Her staff brought back our containers and everything.

Our boat loved it’s two week stay at Reefpoint Marina.

One thought on “Cheapest Diesel found on the dock this year!

  1. Agreed! We stayed at Racine for a couple nights in June. What a great spot. Although we paid $2.65 for diesel fuel in Port Washington. We are currently crossing Lake Michigan from Frankfort to Manitowoc and continuing down south and plan to spend time at Reefpoint Marina again!


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