Sheboygan: Pool! Hot tub! And other great surprises.

How’s this for a marina’s amenities?!

Shelly likes!

A seriously nice marina-resort.

Zoom in to see if you can find Shellerina ! Below is a video version if you prefer.

As you can hear the wind in the video, this was a good day to stay in-port! Sheboygan was a really great place to be holed up!

Double breakwater – well protected from the “Big Lake”

Sue and Rick Rosenweld, Loopers here in their home port, showed us around town and the countryside. Then we went to dinner at Majerle’s Black River Grill. I cannot believe we forgot to have our server co-owner Tracy, take a “team photo!” They were the best! Thanks!

This 6-point buck and his bevy of 5 does were feeding outside the restaurant’s picture window. Unfortunately, venison was not on the menu.

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