Kewaunee – (Native American) meaning “Where are you?!”

Well, we stayed in-port at Kewaunee for a third night. Winds were not bad, But T-Boomers forecast + 3 foot seas on the Big Lake, for a 7-hour passage would simply be too uncomfortable for us.

This community reveres its Native American heritage, and it’s name comes from the common call that was made in the common FOGGED IN port by persons out fishing, “Where are you?!” Or “Kewaunee?!”

One of the things that Shelly will never forget about these three days was she had lost her diamond engagement ring. It really made her just sick! She kept asking, “Where can it be?!” AKA “Where are you?!”

Well! After we were underway this morning, she actually FOUND the diamond ring. So this Native American port will long be remembered for the heart wrenching time of going without.

It was otherwise a great stop. Augie, and his marina staff was great. He gave us a lift to the local grocery store, which is too far to walk to. If he can, he’ll do the same for you. The showers, bathrooms, laundry, and lounge were all clean. The marina well protected.

This port also has a “free wall” with shore power and fresh water. But we opted for the protection of the municipal marina. There is a second marina in-port as well.

A tour of a large Army Corps of Engineers TUG BOAT is available in town.

We walked to the nearby Waterfront Bar & Grill, had some wings and one of the best pepperoni pizzas we’ve had “out” in a long time. (We may be pizza snobs, and usually make our own!)

The bill was remarkably light, as it is customary in these parts to not charge for cocktails if it is your birthday!

Kewaunee definitely outperformed the expectations that people gave us before we got here.

We’d come again!

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