Well seasoned ‘Olympic’ Gold on display here on Washington Island, Wisconsin!

A friendly local chap named Paal helped us with lines as we pulled into our slip here at Shipyard Island Marina on Washington Island WI. He told me about his 2017-2018 Gold Burgee and all that went into it. Next thing you know we invited each other and our admirals to dinner at the onsite restaurant… (Yes, the restaurant onsite that the cruising guides and reviewers rave about.)

Soon after this dockside meeting, Paal re-raised his well-seasoned Olympic Gold Burgee on his bow, as shown here aboard Elenor.

We met and introduced our Admirals right on time. Dinner was great, as it usually is with Loopers. Yes, a local Wisconsin cheese appetizer/favorite started things off. Itinerary notes and war stories were the main course along with some really good food.

After dinner, we recruited locals Linda and Phil to take our “team photo” in front of our boats. They were on their way to this favorite dinner spot.

Gold Loopers, Betsy and Paal Hansen joined Ray and Shelly Sirois in front of Elenor and Shellerina … after dinner tonight.

Betsy also demonstrated a homemade “thingamajig” that Paal made up from an old piece of sanitary hose and line. “This is what you’ll need for the southbound river system locks to secure to floating bollards,” she explained.

The boys then talked about sourcing an old used piece of sanitary tubing on eBay. The girls didn’t go for that idea and insisted that I, “Buy it new!” Go figure!

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