2 thoughts on “Shelly the photographer!

  1. Shellerina! What an awesome blog! I don’t know how you found the tone to cruise and put together such a detailed blog with all of the photos maps, etc. All of the detail has lead me to so many questions! We are new b ok at owners and just purchased our 2001 Mainship 390 in May. We love it. Ours also had a water leak from the windlass area (the washdown hose) and wet carpet (and bed!…. we’re you able to get the smell under control? Any advice?). Also ours has the propane stove ….but it hasn’t been turned on in 20 years according to previous owner. Did you keep the original small propane tank or retrofit to ‘standard’ size. We haven’t played around with ours yet… It’s on our(extensive) list of things to learn/maintain. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for such a great blog!


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