Fellow Loopers … all from Great South Bay, Long Island!

Hal and Laurie Goldschlag of Gemini, and Chris and Mary Kelleher (w/ 4-legged crew member “Skipper”) of Cashelmara… joined us for a tour of the historic Maritime Museum here on the waterfront of Erie PA.

Worth of mention: Cashelmara is Gaelic for “House of Mary” and a favorite book by that title inspired the boat’s name!

In addition to the great social exchange hanging out with new friends, I picked up:

  • Key naval battles of the War of 1812 were fought near here.
  • Erie PA was a key strategic asset due to the harbor formed by Presque Isle.
  • “Don’t give up the ship!” was the battle cry of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, on a huge flag that he flew from his flagship(s), including the Niagara aboard which he and his crew defeated the British fleet here in September 13, 1813.
  • There were a number of conflicting influences that led to the war.
  • The British technically won the war of 1812 defending their British Colonies of North America, known as Canada today. There was some reference to the US being bankrupted by this war, but I could not get any detail on that.
  • The United States could also declare victory, as they did not lose any territory to the British in the resulting Treaty of Ghent. In that treaty, the British also conceded to stop several hostile activities against the “new” United States, essentially and finally recognizing US sovereignty, 38 years after July 4, 1776.
  • One end result: The US-Canada border is the oldest undisputed international border in the world today.
  • Perhaps the biggest losers in the War of 1812 were the Native Americans. The British agreed to stop funding them with arms to resist US expansionism. This essentially contributed to their loss of more territory and control.

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