First intro to the Great Lakes!

If you look carefully on the horizon in front of this sailboat, you’ll see a wind farm. None of the wind turbines were turning this noontime as we exited the Niagara River and introduced our boat to Lake Erie. And that fact was just fine by us!

This lake has a reputation for unpredictably kicking up a storm. But, fortunately for us, this lake has only small ripples upon it now. It has actually become calmer as the afternoon progressed! Atypical.

Today’s destination is Dunkirk, about a 40 mile run dock to dock.

ETA 4:15 at the fuel dock.

It is back to work tomorrow! I’ll be working from the boat slip at the marina in this town.

We fueled up, almost making it to Full. We took the last of their diesel fuel. They only carry 1000 gallons, we got the last 73 or so.

(534.7 nautical miles on this trip so far.)

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